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Repashy Foods In Canada

Repashy Superfoods offers high-end foods and dietary supplements for reptiles and fish. Allen Repashy is one of the top breeders in the world and has become a nutrition pioneer.   Repashy Foods Canada offers the full unique range of diets, treats, and supplements to the Candian market.   More than 20 years of research on the nutrition and reproduction of reptiles, amphibians and fish results in Repashy Superfood  products being used by many professional breeders and zoos around the world ... and now you can too!

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Repashy Superfoods - Leading Reptile and Fish Foods in Canada


Now in Canada!

Pot Pie

Reptile and Amphibian Diet

Introducing Chicken Pot Pie –  a meaty omnivore diet that is a a versatile and nutritious complete meal designed for your omnivorous reptile's delight. This complete diet can also be given as a delicious occasional treat to herbivorous and insectivorous reptiles, making it a must-have for any reptile owner.



Meat Pie 2.0

Carnivorous Reptile Diet

It's back and it's better!   Missing from Canadian shelves for several years, we are happy to announce the triumphant return of Meat Pie! 

This formula is redeveloped and is now featuring chicken for the ultimate nutrition boost! Specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of carnivorous reptiles, this premium formula is crafted to support optimal health, growth, and vitality.

Allen repashy's Reptile Diets

The main staple of the Repashy line, here you will find all the reptile diets including bluey buffet, savory stew, meat pie, all the ever-popular gecko diet formulas along with many others.  New seasonal releases, and new standard formulas are always in development.

Allen repashy's Reptile Supplements

At Repashy Superfoods your reptile's health and well being are the number one priority, this starts with nutrition.  Our line of supplements have you covered.  With calcium formulas and complete vitamin supplements to specialized formulas; the perfect solution resides here at

 rEPASHY Egg Incubation

Allen repashy's Insect Diets & Supplements

Many fish and reptiles rely on the benefits of nutritious insects as part of their natural diet.   The quality of the insects makes a huge difference in the health of your animals, and the quality of your feeder insects starts with what you feed them.  We have all your feeder insect needs covered. 

The second major range of products in the Repashy Superfoods foods; here you will find our collection of  fish foods and diets. From bottom feeders, goldfish and community fish to vegan based diets and colour enhancing foods, we have a food to feed your fish!

Allen repashy's Fish Diets